SMIA Creative Scotland RFO Funding Success

On behalf of everyone involved in the Scottish Music Industry Association (SMIA) I would like to thank Creative Scotland and the Scottish Government for the significant funding they have awarded us in response to our application for regular funding.

We will use this investment wisely for the benefit of people working in the business of music in Scotland. The SMIA is best known for its flagship project the Scottish Album of the Year, or SAY, Award but our funding application focused on the establishment of a Scottish Music Innovation Agency with a specific objective that I summarised in our business plan.

Mission Statement

The situation: in the creative industries, and especially in music, Scotland has an abundance of creative talent but it lacks sufficient business talent, and infrastructure, to support and capitalise on the creative output.

The problem: many musical creatives in Scotland are represented by managers, agents, publicists, record labels, publishers, lawyers and accountants outwith Scotland (mostly in London).

The solution: invest in a pioneering innovation-lead development programme to help nurture business talent and build infrastructure in the Scottish music industry.

The vision: retain more musical intellectual property and conduct more business in the music supply chain (including record labels, publishers, legal, finance, artist management, booking agencies and publicity) in Scotland.


The SMIA aims to increase the value, grow the size and improve the sustainability of the music industry in Scotland.

Our new Scottish Music Innovation Agency will develop the music industry in Scotland. It aims to:

Develop SKILLS Increase INTERNATIONAL TRADE opportunities And stimulate INNOVATION


The Innovation Agency will develop the wider music industry in Scotland by championing creativity, building infrastructure and evolving business models.

The SMIA wants to strengthen the supply chain. By encouraging music users to buy more from music makers, trade is stimulated and the industry’s economic health improves.

Creative industries development is part of Creative Scotland’s remit. We are delighted to be given the opportunity to work hard to do this on behalf of everybody working in music business in Scotland.

Thank you for believing in us. We look forward to sharing the results of our work.

Dougal Perman, Chair, Scottish Music Industry Association